Monday, June 27, 2011


Offered by Kia Foster-Blades.

If you know you can't do make-up, please... Do not go down Spring Garden looking ridiculous! There are plenty of cameras and media, and I'm telling you, you do not want to be captured looking a hot mess. So we found some places you can go to for help this Crop Over. Whether it's DIY or they do it for you!

1. Exotic Makeup and Accessories for Crop Over
They've done the likes of T.C and other popular Soca singers. Whether it's body spray or boots they have got you covered!

Click Here for a direct link to their Facebook Page.

2. Make Up by Kia Foster- Blades
This just isn't any make-up artist by hobby. She is a trained artist and can do from Theatre back down to Portraits! She is offering a make-up package of DIY tools! Trust me, this one is a steal at just BDS $60.

Click here for a direct like to her Facebook Page.

3. Make Up by Leah Whitehead
Another North American Trained Make-Up Artist. She is very talented and well known for her artistic flare. She is offering her services for this season! Do not miss it!

Click here for a direct link to her Facebook Page.
Contact Leah at (246) 259-2332 or email

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