Sunday, August 21, 2011


**UPDATE**!! 9/19/2011
This is purely opinion, and not based on outer beauty alone, but paired with the exceptional achievements some of these ladies have achieved and plan to attain in their lives.

Lara Rogers

Alexandra Logan

Simone Mottley- Island Queen

Michelle Bayley- Model

Sharon Larrier- Barbados National Track& Field Athlete, ahtletic scholarship winner to the University of Wyoming and Bachelor's Degree holder in Family& Consumer Sciences.

Mikhaila Farier

Karina Hassell

Tracey Archer- Banks Girl 2008 an extensive model campaigns for Cable& Wireless, Cave Shepherd and ESPN to name a few.

Nicole Brown- Upcoming singer known as Niki Nicole

Tennille Stoute- If you don't know about her, then you aren't living. This Top Model of Barbados has been featured in Payless commercials.. Oh and also features in Italian Elle, SHE, Sister 2 Sister, Good Life, Vibe Vixen and Circuit magazines.

Amanda Reifer- Lead Singer of the hottest "Bajan sensation" crew, Cover Drive.

Meghan O'Connor- Gorgeous Megan Fox look-a-like.

Sharen Rayside

Zina Gibbs- Known for her stints on the Catwalk of many runway gigs, currently studies at the Johnson& Wales University.

Keione Rayside

Saskia Griffith- Bikini Fitness Competitor

Zarina Patel

Taisha Carrington- Miss Barbados World 2011

Sedia Jackman- Banks Girl 2011 and Miss Barbados World 2011 Delegate

Erin Griffith

Gianni King

Kari McCarthy

Melanie Grant- Barbados Rugby Athlete and photographer.

Zoe Allamby- Aspiring Model and student at the Miami International University of Art& Design

Gabriella Lopez- Barbados National Athlete in both Tennis and Football. Athletic Scholarship winner in Football and current student at Temple University in Pennsylvania.

Chynna Glasgow- Barbados National Track and Field Athlete, athletic scholarship winner to the Illinois State University with a Bachelor's Degree in Spanish.

Sade Hoyte

Michelle Gay

Jazz Goddard

Leah Whitehead- Talented Make Up Artist

Lea Solomon- Miss Barbados representative at the Reef Girl competition and renowned Surfer.

Leah Marville- Miss Barbados 2006, Miss Barbados World Franchise Holder, named "The Most Beautiful Woman in the Caribbean" and Bachelor's Degree holder in Law. Leah has appeared on many magazine covers, and has gotten acclaim for being in many international commercials. Leah was based in South Africa, where she was signed to a renowned model agency.

Josee King- Bachelor's Degree holder in International Business from the Florida International University

Tara Millar

Regina Ramjit

Rhea Ramjit- Banks Beer Girl 2006. Known as a beacon in the commercial model industry.

Amber Gribble

Marielle Wilkie- Miss Barbados World 2011 Delegate

It's been said that Barbados lacks beautiful women. True or not, I have received this question and proposal to compile a list of the most beautiful women in the country. Anonymous senders have submitted photos, and I am inclined to post. Why? To show off the beautiful women of course, and get this, some have degrees and even represented Barbados on the international stages, both in Sports: Football and Track& Field, and at Miss World.

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